Tower – West door



The letter An is a reference to the church’s     patron saint – St Andrew

79 Unknown

The letter T symbolising Thomas Becket of Canterbury. Appointed Archbishop in 1162, he fell into dispute with King Henry II who, some years later, asked his courtiers “who would rid him of this turbulent priest” Four barons took him at his word and killed him in his cathedral. Thomas was canonised in 1172.


Foliage representing Corpus Christi and Lent.
Corpus Christi Day was marked by processions where the Holy Sacrement was carried through the streets strewn with foliage.


The symbol for Maria


                 The Mystic Rose.

Since the earliest years of Christianity the white rose has represented purity – in this case, the Virgin Mary.


        The emblem of St John the Apostle.            Legend has it that he was offered poison during captivity as a test of faith but charmed the poison out in the form of a serpent and was able to drink safely.                                                        John looked after Mary after Jesus’s death and his emblem is often placed close to Mary’s.

85 Two mouchettes

The letter B which is possibly a reference to Thomas Blake who, in 1474, left 10 Marks for construction of the tower.

87 Unknown