North West Buttress

34 Unknown
35 This symbol appears on the south west buttress in a similar position.

The meaning is not known

36 Unknown

The Resurrection – the wheel

The eight spoked wheel represents the wheel of life. In this case it surrounds a Pommée Cross of St Michael the Archangel, the weigher of souls.
There is a similar motif on the south east buttress

38 Unknown

St Mary – The monogram of the Blessed Virgin.
The letter M ingeniously incorporates each of the letters of the word MARIA. The crown placed over the monogram symbolised the Immaculate Conception.


St Michael, Archangel was said to be the guardian of the souls of the dead and was believed to be so powerful that souls could be rescued from hell. The 2nd November is consecrated as All Souls Day.  This symbol is also thought to be the “signature” of the Aldryche family of masons


The ‘All Saints’ shield celebrated on 1st November

42 Unknown
43 Three mouchettes symbolising the trinity and spiritual wisdom.
44 Tracery
45 A saints shield – dedication unknown
46 St John the Baptist – the Maltese Cross

St John the Baptist was the last of the Old testament prophets and the first of thew saints of the New Testament.

47 Unknown
48 A symbol of All Saints
49 Unknown

Christ’s Monogram – IHS or IHC.

Derived from the first three letters of the Greek spelling of Jesus. (Iota – Eta – Sigma)

51 Unknown

This symbol (St Andrew’s saltire) appears on each corner of the tower and is possibly purely decorative.

53 The top of the North West Buttress