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It is a great pleasure for us all at St. Andrew's to be able to spread our wings on the internet and reach a much much wider audience in this way. We hope that this site will receive many hits as it becomes better known. Across the centuries it makes it possible for Northwold men and women, including Hugh of Northwold himself, to communicate with new readers. Finally, we wish to thank Jane de Silva of Indigo Graphics for designing this website with the same skill and artistry that she brought to the published second edition available here.
J.A. Norris June 2006
The first edition of this history and guide has long since sold out, and from time to time the author has contemplated producing a second. The first was produced at speed in the summer of 1988, when his research was in some respects incomplete. There is more to tell now (and a correction or two to make), and it is possible to reproduce not only the Ladbrooke engraving of the church as it was in 1821 but also an 1858 engraving of the Easter Sepulchre, together with photographs of the Sepulchre today and of other church memorials. The publication of this edition in its new form has been made possible by a generous legacy from a former resident of the village, the late Mrs. Brenda Elliott.
J.A. Norris June 2003

The author gratefully acknowledges the initiative of the organisers of the 1988 Craft and Flower Festival at St. Andrew’s, who pressed the long-debated case for a new guide, and the unhesitating encouragement given by the Rector, Churchwardens and Parochial Church Council. Mrs. Mary Armstrong lent a rare copy of a previous guide by Mr. Simon Cotton and Mr. Roy Tricker from her own collection. The cover picture is the work of a former resident of Northwold, Mrs. Diana Cowell.
J.A. Norris July 1988
St. Paul - detail from the 19th century stained glass in the east window; attributed to Messrs. Heaton, Butler and Bayne, c. 1873.
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