Update September 2013

A lot of work has been going on this year at St Andrew’s. Architects and specialists have been to-ing and fro-ing examining the church, the Easter sepulchre, the wall paintings and the bats in detail to provide a definitive plan for the restoration work. The revised plan for the work is now for replacement of the copper on the North Aisle, Chancel and Vestry roofs with lead, and repair associated parapets; replace downpipes and below ground drainage and remove the external cement render and re-render with lime mortar. We were disappointed that the main roof is not included in this work but understand that the grants will not be sufficient to include all the roof work. That is for the future.

£12,447 has been raised to date of which £113.70 in 20ps which represents 108.4 metres or 118.2 yards. Our Hon Treasurer has emphasised the importance of our fund raising and we hope it will continue to trickle in – a deluge of donations would be good but we are realistic.

The plans for the autumn are to hold a Film Night – film yet to be decided – and if successful, this may become a regular event. In the spring we hope to hold a Pamper evening. Watch this space.